PlanetFreeVPN vs IPVANISH - who will win the race?

PlanetFreeVPN vs IPVANISH - who will win the race?

The article compares two different VPN services in order to understand who is the leader and which service is better to give money for a subscription.

The article provides detailed tables for a successful comparison of the two services.

PlanetFreeVPN vs IPVANISH - who will win the race?

Every modern Internet user is obliged to know how VPN stands for abbreviation. Translation and decryption is simple - it's a virtual private network. When this network was just created, users did not have the task of “hiding” from government services. It was invented so that employees of one large company had access to all files at once from anywhere in the world.

The main task of VPN is to encrypt the data of any user entering this network. This encrypted data is not available even to ISPs. That is why VPN is now so popular among users who do not want their big brother to follow them and their statements on the Internet.


These two representatives in the field of user data encryption and secure surfing on the Internet are the real competitors in the market for such offers. From their other competitors, both of these services guarantee users complete confidentiality. To compare these competing giants, first compare all the available data on these services.

First, let's compare the prices for services in the table.

  • 1 month: PlanetFreeVPN $ 9.99 / IPVANISH $ 10
  • 6 months: PlanetFreeVPN $ 6.99 / IPVANISH $ 8.99
  • 1 year: PlanetFreeVPN $ 4.99 / IPVANISH $ 6.49

Prices are shown in the table per month, subject to a particular subscription. We note that the price differs under different conditions, but what by functions?

Now let's move on to comparing functions; for convenience, they will also be shown in the table.

  • Founded in: PlanetFreeVPN Commonwealth of Dominica / IPVANISH Unknown
  • Number of servers: PlanetFreeVPN 338 / IPVANISH 1000+
  • Number of countries: PlanetFreeVPN 30 / IPVANISH 60+
  • Protocols: PlanetFreeVPN OpenVPN (UDP, TCP), L2TP, PPTP / IPVANISH OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP / IPSes
  • Encryption: PlanetFreeVPN 2048-bit SSL / IPVANISH 256-bit AES
  • Simultaneous connections: PlanetFreeVPN 5 / IPVANISH 5
  • Log policy: PlanetFreeVPN No logs / IPVANISH No logs
  • Dedicated IP: PlanetFreeVPN No / IPVANISH No
  • Emergency button: PlanetFreeVPN Yes / IPVANISH Yes
  • DNS leak protection: PlanetFreeVPN No / IPVANISH Yes
  • Allows torrenting: PlanetFreeVPN Yes / IPVANISH Yes
  • Torrent servers: PlanetFreeVPN SMART-DNS / IPVANISH SMART-DNS

Now, looking at the table, you can guess why IPVANISH is asking for more money for its services - they just have more features than a competitor. But it is still too early to sum up and draw conclusions about who will win in PlanetFreeVPN vs IPVANISH. Let's consider a few more tables.

Supported devices.

  • PlanetFreeVPN: Windows, OS X, LINUX, Android, IOS, Router
  • IPVANISH: Windows, OS X, LINUX, Android, IOS, Router

According to this parameter, the companies go back to back.

Compare company ratings from independent users

  • Anonymity: PlanetFreeVPN 3/5; IPVANISH 4,5 / 5
  • Reliability: PlanetFreeVPN 3/5; IPVANISH 5/5
  • Product introduction: PlanetFreeVPN 3/5; IPVANISH 4/5
  • Functions: PlanetFreeVPN 3/5; IPVANISH 5/5
  • Support service: PlanetFreeVPN 3/5; IPVANISH 4,5 / 5
  • Service cost: PlanetFreeVPN 3/5; IPVANISH 5/5

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

According to estimates from people who have used both PlanetFreeVPN and IPVANISH, they are confident that even minor flaws will not stop them from giving their best IPVANISH score.

The last criterion proposed for comparison is the reviews of real users.

For example, here is 1 fresh RusVPN review

Review: RusVPN - app for Android - Is it a scam?

In connection with the current situation in the world, everyone has already experienced the delights of blocking certain sites on the territory of the Russian Federation. But that's not all: for example, having an English Three SIM card, I can't access Avito's Russian site. It tells me that I am outside the Russian Federation (this can be seen from my VPN address), and access is allowed to users of other friendly countries, for example, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Everything else - no connection.

Compare user reviews

PlanetFreeVPN review: 5/5 Posted on 09.12.2019
A great extension that works quickly and smoothly at the same time. Everything opens without problems. The speed is excellent, there are no brakes during operation. I advise everyone.
IPVANISH review: 1/5 Posted on 06/11/2018
I have been using IPVANISH for over a year and lately it seems like it is more disconnected than connected. And there is no way to know that you are not really logging into IPV all the time. I'm leaving them. It's very difficult to enable the function so that the user can see whether he is connected to the system, whether it is active. Yes, I connect automatically, but it seems that this rarely works too. Thanks for the reviews that helped me decide where to go. They are the best!
PlanetFreeVPN review: 5/5 Posted on 05/12/2019
I finally found the VPN I was looking for. Works 100%. I advise both experienced users and beginners. Personally, he never let me down. Thank you very much for your great and very good work. I've tried a lot of vpn, but your extension is the best. Works great for free extension. Now, thanks to your extension, I can feel safe and know that everything is in order.
IPVANISH review: 4/5 Posted on 07/20/2017
Not the fastest, but pretty solid.
PlanetFreeVPN review: 5/5 Posted on 03/12/2019
I have used at least five different VPN providers over the years. And PlanetFreeVPN provides the best support to date. I wasn't expecting a solution to my geo-restricted problem, but PlanetFreeVPN's support team resolved the issue very quickly. I am especially impressed that they use everyday English to communicate, rather than the jargon that most vpn support groups use.
IPVANISH review: 2/5 Posted on 06/24/2017
It used to be the best VPN of all time, but the latest update just killed it. Connecting to the system is so difficult every time that I already begin to believe that it is God who works a miracle every time I manage to connect.
PlanetFreeVPN review: 5/5 Posted on 06/18/2019
I have been using PlanetFreeVPN for a year now and have never regretted it. Over the past six months, the number of servers has increased dramatically. The support team answers all my questions very quickly and helps to learn about new features in the Windows application!
IPVANISH review: 5/5 Posted on 05/19/2017
Great service so far. I didn't have any problems. It works fast, opens everything I want, and every time I want to ask something, the support team is online and responds quickly.
IPVanish VS PlanetFreeVPN Comparison
PlanetFreeVPN is a complete VPN service review. A dark horse among the competition?

Despite the controversial reviews and a clear victory it is according to the reviews that PlanetFreeVPN gets, the total number of good points from users goes to IPVANISH. Now that we have already decided on the winner in the PlanetFreeVPN vs IPVANISH race, we can talk a little about each service in more detail.


At the moment, this service has more than 20,000 users around the world. They appreciate its merits:

  1. The service works great in conjunction with Netflix.
  2. There is a money-back guarantee - within thirty days, any user can get his money back if he doesn't like something about the service.
  3. An important plus is the round-the-clock active support of the service in the chat.
  4. Most importantly, PlanetFreeVPN does not keep logs of user activity.
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As a disadvantage, users consider a small number of servers compared to competitors, and also note that the speed of PlanetFreeVPN is low, although quite stable compared to competitors.

In order to start using PlanetFreeVPN, you don't need any “dancing with a tambourine”. Everything is done in four simple steps. First you need to pay for the subscription (here we remember that if we don't like it, we can return the money for it within thirty days, or try to resolve the issue with active support). Next, we download the application and install it on the computer. After that, log in to your personal account and calmly connect. Nothing complicated! This is the  Best VPN   for everyday surfing the Internet!

PlanetFreeVPN service


IPVANISH, as can be seen from our short research, bypasses its rival in many ways in the race, for which it receives high marks from its users. Users are especially pleased with the higher speed of IPVANISH compared to competitors. In addition, this service is ideal for those Internet users who are going to watch streams - the viewer will not encounter brakes and freezes, everything will work normally. This is the  Best VPN   for streaming!

IPVanish VPN: Online Privacy Made Easy – Fastest VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

In the competition between PlanetFreeVPN and IPVANISH, what criteria should users evaluate to determine the better choice for their specific requirements?
Users should evaluate criteria such as server count and distribution, connection speed, privacy policy transparency, ability to stream geo-blocked content, customer support quality, and pricing. The

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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Protect Your Privacy And Security

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