Review of PlanetFreeVPN products and services.

Why use a VPN? For sure, to safely and anonymously surfing the Internet. Watching TV shows, movies, and more. This PlanetFreeVPN review will tell you why PlanetFreeVPN is the most convenient and comfortable VPN for everything you need.
Review of PlanetFreeVPN products and services.

Why is PlanetFreeVPN the best VPN to use?

Why use a VPN? For sure, to safely and anonymously surfing the Internet. Watching TV shows, movies, and more. This PlanetFreeVPN review will tell you why PlanetFreeVPN is the most convenient and comfortable VPN for everything you need.

PlanetFreeVPN service.

VPN is a technology that allows you to create a secure user connection to a network organized between several computers. It is used, among other things, to bypass restrictions, and also helps maintain privacy on the network. There is a good example of such technology, let's take a look at Planet VPN review and see everything with an example.

This should be given a separate item, you can connect to many servers around the world with a secure connection. The service has more than a hundred active channels at its disposal from anywhere in the world. From America, UK, Turkey and Singapore. All this is available from any device with your subscription.

What does the service offer?

Individual algorithm.

Finding the  Best VPN   connections for speed and ease of use. Depending on where you are, how much traffic you use and what you download, the service will create the best conditions for you without interruptions.

Anonymous surfing the internet.

Complete anonymity of your actions on the Internet is provided, no one can steal your confidential data. All your passwords, addresses and codes are in an encrypted PlanetFreeVPN channel. Anonymity of payment, a large number of servers, no logs and logs. All your data is solely in your hands. PlanetFreeVPN does not store any information about you.

Surveillance protection.

Did you know that your providers are monitoring you right now? All confidential information is always recorded by them. All messages, visited sites, stored data, everything at any time can be accessed by various structures or intruders. Many sites, including hackers, can easily get your data when you visit their site. From payment card details to personal messages.

Encrypted connection.

Sitting in a cafe, connecting to shared Wifi points or distribution, you put yourself at great risk. However, this does not mean that you need to give up work or communication online in a cafe. With PlanetFreeVPN, you securely encrypt your data so that even your ISP cannot access it.

Hidden / changeable IP address.

A very important function in the era of ubiquitous locks and bans. When you connect to the services, they will see the IP address you set from the country you want, but definitely not your real one.

The PlanetFreeVPN review is designed to notify you of a possible threat, tell you about the dangers of regular sites and how to avoid it.

The best VPN for entertainment and travel.

In addition to safety, the service also offers savings on entertainment and travel. In this respect, PlanetFreeVPN is unique.

Why pay more for entertainment and recreation?

1. Do not overpay for air tickets.

It's no secret that airlines sometimes raise or lower prices for a particular region, depending on demand. They try to keep up with modern marketing technologies for regions in which demand is higher - the price goes up, while discounts, promotions and price reductions are introduced to increase demand in another region.

Companies get your IP address and set prices based on your region. You've probably already guessed that the  Best VPN   for finding cheap flights is PlanetFreeVPN. You can easily change or encrypt your address, saving on tickets and flights.

2. Savings on accommodation while traveling.

Using the same scheme of changing, encrypting your address can be very well saved on hotels, which vary in price depending on the IP of the country from which you are booking. With PlanetFreeVPN, you can better allocate your travel budget and allocate more of it for something else.

3. Savings on entertainment.

PlanetFreeVPN offers you to save on purchases of games, subscriptions to services and much more!

Many sites that sell licensed games set regional prices in such a way that they often get a very high price tag. For one game in China, you will pay 40 bucks, and in the USA - all 60.

To save money, you just need to install PlanetFreeVPN and choose the most suitable region for the price of your game!

4. Savings on car rental.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Those who often travel on their own will definitely like it. Agencies carefully conceal that they charge the same cost and deposit in all countries. You will be able to check the correspondence of the price in any country, thanks to the database of dozens of servers from different countries of the world. And find the cheapest and most suitable option.

PlanetFreeVPN products.

For mobile phones.

Do you want to be completely sure of the safety of your data not only on your PC? The  Best VPN   option is PlanetFreeVPN.

For phones, a special user-friendly interface was developed, full protection and encryption of traffic, as well as unlimited access to all sites and a free seven-day trial!

Suitable for Android and IOS systems.

Stay anonymous wherever you go.

Don't want to bother too much?

A free VPN extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers has been specially created. Nothing more, just you, complete reliability and protection of personal data. Probably the best browser extension.

Desktop version.

Anonymous and safe surfing, complete anonymity on the network and access to all resources. All this and more is guaranteed by the desktop version of PlanetFreeVPN. Best protection, secure traffic and a stable connection, plus a 30-day full money back guarantee. Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

Protecting your router and OpenVPN.

Any device connected to the router and the network will be automatically protected by it. PlanetFreeVPN guarantees you the same complete anonymity, speed, and protection with this service.

What other tools can PlanetFreeVPN offer?

DNS leak check.

Are you sure no one is collecting data from your computer or drawing your digital portrait? Make sure of this with the help of the PlanetFreeVPN tool, which will track the leak and prevent the data from falling into third hands.

DNS leak test

Checking for WebRTC leaks.

Even using VPN, changed address, your real IP can be found by some sites and programs. Thus, undermining your privacy. WebRTCLeak Test helps you find and avoid leaks at any time.

Virus check.

Safe, reliable and fast option to find suspicious files, links or addresses. PlanetFreeVPN provides the ability to detect threats in time to prevent them from getting your data. You do not even suspect that any of your programs at the moment can carry out their parasitic activity.

Location determination.

You will be able to determine where this or that object is located by its IP. With the help of the PlanetFreeVPN service, you can determine your address and disguise it to eliminate the risk of unauthorized persons and files getting into your computer.

Password generator.

One of the steps of security between you and people who want to get your data. You can set the length you need, the number of letters, numbers and case change. Don't delay the process of creating a strong password.


This PlanetFreeVPN review told you about all the benefits, features and functions of the service. You can get acquainted with its functionality in more detail by purchasing a subscription, downloading a free version or registering a 7-day free period.

Your privacy and security is solely in your hands.
★★★★⋆  Review of PlanetFreeVPN products and services. PlanetFreeVPN is a great VPN toolset with a large server selection all around the world, and all if not more than all the functionalities expected from a VPN. On top of that, it offers a free Chrome extension with several servers, and has the cheapest prices available on the market for a 3 years subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

What range of products and services does PlanetFreeVPN offer, and how do they cater to different user needs?
PlanetFreeVPN offers a range of products and services potentially including standard VPN solutions, dedicated IP options, and perhaps browser extensions. Their offerings cater to users seeking basic VPN functionalities for privacy, security, and possibly regional content access.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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