Ivacy Vpn vs Surfshark VPN

VPN is one of the most practical applications that you can carry with you on your computer system, mobile phone, or gaming tool in this era when online security is a top concern.
Ivacy Vpn vs Surfshark VPN

Ivacy Vpn vs Surfshark

VPN is one of the most practical applications that you can carry with you on your computer system, mobile phone, or gaming tool in this era when online security is a top concern.

This allows you to hide online identification, location, and network method (IP) address. You are probably wondering, What is the ideal VPN service? You will receive the answer to your question right here.

Your online security matters, which is why a virtual private network, known as a VPN, should help you stay anonymous on the Internet. Whether you are using a VPN to access ps4 games, to access foreign websites or geo-restricted apps, or you want to browse the Internet safely and without tracking your data, there are many VPNs that come with a ton of options and suggestions.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure tunnel between your device and the Internet. A VPN protects your traffic from snooping, tampering, and censorship. It is used, among other things, to bypass restrictions, and also helps maintain privacy on the network. Let's choose the best: Ivacy vs Surfshark.

Surfshark VPN vs Ivacy VPN: Who Will Win?

Surfshark and Ivacy are famous names in the VPN market. While the former is the next generation of VPNs, the latter has been around for a long time.

Ivacy and Surfshark | G2

Prices and discounts

When it comes to pricing, Surfshark and Ivacy tend to be incredibly economical providers. The latter offer more discounts to reduce long-term costs.

Surfshark VPN

  • 1 month $ 11.95.
  • 12 months $ 5.99.
  • 24 month US $ 1.99.

Ivacy VPN

  • 1 month $ 9.95.
  • 12 months $ 3.33.
  • 24 months $ 2.25.

So you pay $ 71.88 for Surfshark and $ 40 for Ivacy on a 12-month plan. Of course, if you are looking to purchase a two-year subscription, you can get an even better price.

SurfShark vs Ivacy VPN have set their two-year plans at a minimum of $ 1.99 per month. As a result, no matter which provider you choose, you will pay $ 47.76 for 24 months.

This deal is available all year round, but Ivacy is currently also offering users a 5 year special offer. This gives you a huge $ 90 discount, bringing your monthly expenses down to $ 0.99!

Simultaneous connections

  • Surfshark: Unlimited
  • Ivacy: 5

In addition to this, Surfshark and Ivacy offer split tunneling across all of their applications. In fact, Ivacy is the supplier of the Split Tunneling concept, launched back in 2007.

Other features available in Surfshark include Shadowsocks support for hassle-free access in China, Hacklock (complete protection against identity theft), Blindsearch (ad-free private search tool), and NoBorders mode (hidden servers).

With Ivacy, you have access to public Wi-Fi security, intelligent targeting for easy server connectivity, IPv6 leak protection, DDoS protection, and NAT firewall for maximum Internet security.

While Surfshark and Ivacy are incredibly economical, they do surprisingly well at unlocking a multitude of streaming platforms where even the most expensive providers fail.

While Surfshark offers many hidden servers for this task, Ivacy goes above and beyond by offering a dedicated “Popular Websites” tab in all of its applications.

Just tap on the tap and choose any VoD from the list, which includes names like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and even Disney Plus. The app will instantly redirect you to the unlocked version.

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Best part of all: Neither provider experienced any downtime issues, streaming was smooth even at Ultra HD quality, and didn't get proxy / VPN detection error on all of the aforementioned websites. Plus, you can stream local content on BBC iPlayer using Surfshark without any location restrictions.

This app has a “Popular Websites” option that allows users to instantly unblock services such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others in the country.


When it comes to torrents, Surfshark offers more reliability than Ivacy. Even though you get high speed with Ivacy, sometimes you can have some downtime on different servers.

On the other hand, SurfShark vs Ivacy VPN allows P2P operations on all of its servers and does not suffer from leaks. It even offers the option to add SOCKS5 proxies for maximum speed.

For both services, you get access to the split tunneling feature. This helps to redirect VPN traffic to the sources that need it. And exclude those who do not need it.

Surfshark apps are built in a minimalist style that makes them extremely user-friendly. The GUI of the application is especially good, as is its architecture, so you won't have any major navigation problems.

Connection times are also incredibly fast; an average of at least 5 seconds. However, in places that are far from where you live, it may take a little longer to connect.

In terms of features, you have a lot of configuration options in the Settings menu. Users can even access dedicated (IP) addresses right from the application.

Ivacy has a broader interface in its desktop versions, but is quite user-friendly and intuitive. Compared to other apps, it actually lists websites and streaming sites that you might want to unblock.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

This gives it an edge over other vendors as they don't need to test multiple servers before unblocking a specific site. Just click on the site you want to unblock and enjoy it seamlessly.

Usability doesn't degrade on smaller screens, and you still have most of the features available on desktop counterparts. In general, both Surfshark and Ivacy are very visible on your screens.


There isn't much of a difference in server availability offered by both Surfshark and Ivacy. The former, however, tend to offer a wider listing by a small margin.

While Surfshark VPN has the best network infrastructure to operate with 1,040+ servers in 61 countries worldwide, Ivacy offers 1,000 servers in 55 countries and 100 locations worldwide.

A large number of servers means less workload because the user load is evenly distributed. Since servers are available in over 50 countries, most can also find one near their location, greatly reducing the likelihood of latency.

In order to determine the best choice, we analyzed the performance of both providers for streaming, torrenting, gaming and viewing. Surfshark's speed loss was 15.2%, Ivacy's - at least 10.5%.

Surfshark, on the other hand, is a big fan of the OpenVPN protocol and uses it by default on all of their devices except iOS. However, users have the option to configure UDP and TCP on all platforms.

It uses AES-256-GCM ciphers, so no additional authentication is provided on the data channel. For the control channel, Surfshark uses AES-256-GCM cipher with TLS key exchange secured with RSA-2048.

Galois/Counter Mode – AES-256-GCM cryptography explained

Ideal forward secrecy is ensured by the exchange of ECDH keys - (384?). If we're talking about security in general, Surfshark definitely tends to be stronger.

Ivacy, on the other hand, supports the same number of protocols. By default, it also uses OpenVPN on all devices except iOS and MacOS, which use the IKEv2 protocol.

For the data channel, Ivacy uses the AES-256-CBC cipher with HMAC SHA256 hash authentication. AES-256-GCM cipher with DH-4096 handshake encryption is used for the control channel. DH-4096 is much more secure than Surfshark's RSA-2048 control channel encryption.

Surfshark is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, a country with no data retention laws. The British Virgin Islands are not even part of any data exchange alliance. So Surfshark is headquartered in a safe region.

There are also no major issues with Surfshark's logging policy. The provider has managed to keep its privacy policy clean and thereby ensure that users can blindly trust it as a zero-log service.

Ivacy is headquartered in Singapore. The Singapore government does not require data storage and mass surveillance. This is the strength of the provider.

In these options, the score is equal. Both resources are safe enough. Provide quality assurance of your privacy and protection from the penetration of third parties.


In terms of configurations, Surfshark and Ivacy support both dynamic and static IP addresses. Where Ivacy offers more location options, Surfshark adds additional security features.

For example, Ivacy supports dedicated (IP) addresses in more than 7+ countries around the world. Surfshark currently only offers static (IP) addresses in 6+ locations in different cities.

Dedicated IPs are available as an add-on, which means you have to pay extra for them. However, these are incredibly handy tools, especially for travelers, streamers, torrents, and more.

Customer service

Both Surfshark and Ivacy offer several options for obtaining technical support. You've got live chat, email, FAQs, a searchable knowledge base, and even ticket support. If you would like to cancel your Surfshark subscription, you can always ask support for help.

All options work well enough and the chat response times of any VPN are impressive. It took only a few seconds to get answers to technical questions.

Ivacy vs. Surfshark Comparison – SourceForge

Winner: Surfshark

For the most part, Surfshark and Ivacy are equal opponents, so determining the winner among them was an incredibly difficult decision. However, since it is necessary, For it to work, Surfshark VPN is the winner and the best in this comparison. Keep in mind that this does not mean that Ivacy is a bad service. Both resources occupy leading positions in the world ranking of VPN service providers!

Surfshark just offers a larger server list and more features than Ivacy. In addition, of the two, it is the only provider that has been audited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Ivacy VPN and Surfshark VPN compare in terms of their ability to bypass geo-restrictions and access global content?
Both Ivacy VPN and Surfshark are effective in bypassing geo-restrictions, with Surfshark often being praised for its ability to access a wide range of streaming services. Ivacy also offers robust capabilities but may have different strengths in server locations and streaming service accessibility.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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Protect Your Privacy And Security

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