Ivacy VPN vs PlanetFreeVPN

Ivacy VPN vs PlanetFreeVPN

Ivacy VPN vs PlanetFreeVPN: How to choose the  Best VPN   for your needs. What to look for when choosing the right VPN service.

Ivacy VPN vs PlanetFreeVPN: Which to Choose?

VPN services, or virtual private networks, are very popular today among users in different countries. They allow you to keep incognito on the network by using a spoofed location and offer a wide range of opportunities for working on the Internet on blocked or prohibited resources.

Today there are many VPN services offering different tariffs for their services. This article will conduct a comparative study of the quality of work, tariffs, speed and reliability of Ivacy VPN protection against PlanetFreeVPN service. A comparative analysis will clearly show that the little-promoted Iwashi VPN is no worse than the popular PlanetFreeVPN.

Which is better: Ivacy or PlanetFreeVPN?

Upon first acquaintance with both VPNs, it may seem that they are exactly the same:

  • both use 256-bit signal encryption to protect the signal;
  • there and there there is a function of emergency shutdown of the Internet;
  • both VPNs have OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and IKEv2 protocols;
  • one and the other have torrent network support.
OpenVPN – Wikipedia

To understand the differences, here's a short comparative review of Ivacy VPN vs PlanetFreeVPN.


PlanetFreeVPN is a convenient and functional VPN extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that combines a high level of security with fast and efficient performance. This is a guarantee of your privacy and security, no matter what Internet resources you visit. Planet VPN supports the idea of preserving personal freedom, as well as choice and personal security.

It is a multi-platform VPN solution developed by Atrix Group Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica in 2017. It promises 100% secure connections and anonymous browsing for all of its customers.

What is Secure Connection? - Definition from Techopedia

For Windows, it offers a simple user interface. All the necessary information is present on the main screen. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

After launching the application, at the top of the screen, you can see your current IP address based on the server. To select a different server, you just need to click on the name of the current server, and a list of countries to choose from will appear, with the recommended server locations shown at the top. Finally, the connect / disconnect button is at the bottom of the home screen, and the settings icon is in the upper right corner.

PlanetFreeVPN server network includes only 338 servers located in 30 countries. Most of the servers are located in Europe. PlanetFreeVPN provides an average connection speed, which increases the chances of Ivacy VPN against PlanetFreeVPN. This creates a stable connection in which there will be no outages or DNS leaks unexpected for the user.

PlanetFreeVPN is compatible with several platforms:

  • Windows;
  • macOS;
  • Android;
  • iOS;

Moreover, this VPN is not its own client. A variety of user devices can be connected to it. There are free VPN proxy extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla, but no Android TV

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

PlanetFreeVPN is not a multifunctional VPN service and for this reason is not suitable for all users. In terms of functionality, price and connection speed, this is the  Best VPN   for beginners and casual users.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy offers its customers a user-friendly interface. After downloading and installing the VPN client, you can select your preferred protocol, the purpose of using the VPN, and the server to connect to.

The network uses over 270 servers worldwide, providing security and unlimited bandwidth to its customers. The interface used makes the software almost invisible.

Ivacy is distinguished by a reliable and stable connection, in which there are no unexpected outages due to the fact that its 270 servers are evenly located in more than 100 countries of the world.

VPN can work with all popular platforms, as well as smart TVs and game consoles.

Ivacy has a Smart Target Selection option. Before connecting, Ivacy needs to specify your target in the client, and it will automatically select the best possible server to connect to. The function is available for the Windows platform.

Ivacy, in addition to the standard security package, which includes OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and IKEv2, with military 256-bit encryption, offers the user split tunneling, IPv6 leakage protection and secure DNS add-ons.

rfc5996 - IETF Tools

Comparative analysis of Ivacy VPN vs PlanetFreeVPN shows what wins when connecting to streaming content and unblocking inaccessible resources. PlanetFreeVPN provides all the basic functionality of a  Virtual Private Network   and is suitable for casual or novice users. Experienced users should choose more advanced VPN, for example, such as the multi-platform Ivacy.

Why Choose Ivacy VPN?

 Ivacy VPN offers   the most advanced features to give you the peace of mind you need to have a seamless online experience with complete privacy and anonymity. In addition, such a VPN provides high speed and reliable protection even in public Wi-Fi.

With one subscription, customers can simultaneously connect up to 10 devices to one channel. Ivacy VPN will help to securely save personal information and the ID of a computer device from hackers and regulatory authorities when using blocked content.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a comparison of Ivacy VPN and PlanetFreeVPN, how do their user interfaces and ease of use differ for average consumers?
Ivacy VPN offers a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and advanced users, with easy navigation and setup. PlanetFreeVPN’s interface and ease of use may vary, depending on the specific product, and users should consider whether the VPN service meets their proficiency level and usage needs.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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