Alternatives to NordVPN

Alternatives to NordVPN

NordVPN ranks among the most in-demand and high-quality offerings in its category. The purpose of the proposal is to hide the user's IP address, as well as Internet traffic. At the same time, many people prefer to find certain alternatives to this application, so we will consider the current options in this article.

So, such extensions are used in order to preserve the secrecy of search queries, as well as, if necessary, go to sites that have been blocked for residents of your state. This is exactly what NordVPN offers. But, of course, he is not the only one, there are many others. They can cost much less and get additional and more interesting features. Therefore, this situation should be dealt with in more detail.


The program has received high ratings from users, but does not provide an anonymity login policy. The number of users who stopped at the presented option is a huge number, there are more than 30 million of them. The version is considered one of the most relevant, among the advantages are the following:

  • the browsing speed is maintained;
  • fast streaming;
  • high-quality VPN with good protection;
  • there is no log of network activity, which eliminates a wide range of consequences. They are undesirable for anyone who values ​​anonymity;
  • more apps than NordVPN.

The downside is fewer servers.


Manufacturers can offer points all over the world, now there are more than 140 of them. The provider belongs to the highest level. The highest quality equipment in the class in question is provided. The VPN provider uses 256-bit AES encryption. Used by VPNs within the British Virgin Islands, while the journals have zero bandwidth. All provisioning servers allow torrenting. This service is considered beneficial if the partnership lasts for two years or one year.

Also among the advantages of the offer are the following:

  • VPN tunneling is separate;
  • the opportunity to use world-wide content is provided, including: US Netflix, Disney;
  • more servers than NordVPN;
  • there are servers in more than 140 countries;
  • applications run on different types of operating systems: Smart TV, Linux, Android, iOS, for routers;
  • there is a built-in type of support for OpenVPN.

The only disadvantage is the cost; if you buy for 2 years, the price will be $ 2 higher than what NordVPN will offer.


SurfShark features loyal prices and a large number of servers. At the moment, the company is only gaining momentum, while a number of premium features and functions are already presented. Including high speed of stream transmission and the presence of a Kill-Switch is relevant.

Competitive advantages:

  • advanced features make the offer stand out in comparison to NordVPN;
  • increased confidentiality;
  • a range of proprietary features, including CleanWeb for great features;
  • it is possible to remove all types of advertisements and trackers on web pages.

The downside is that the fastest servers do not always act correctly, and you should also take into account the limited speed of P2P servers.


The software allows you to perform your usual actions without having to log user data. This will provide access to streaming websites with high demand rates. User support has been established, where help is provided at any time of the day, so VPN can be called ideal.

Strengths of VyprVPN:

  • is a good choice if the maximum level of confidentiality is required;
  • the supplier has a well-deserved reputation, therefore, it is a reliable choice;
  • specialists in the direction recommend VyprVPN;
  • when opting for the premium plan, users are given a VPN server. They will have to manage on their own.

There are also downsides to using VyprVPN. The level of security provided is overwhelming for many users. If a person does not engage in illegal activities and does not seek to hide as much as possible the traces of his presence on the network, the No Logging policy will seem too strict and unnecessary.


Users have access to up-to-date zero logging policy, which allows for a high level of anonymity while surfing the web. Offers access to over 75 servers worldwide, shared servers and other value-added features. VPN stands out from the competition for its lightning speed and data protection. For privacy, end-to-end encryption will be used on all devices. The presented service is suitable if you need to view multimedia and send it in streaming mode and while maintaining security.

Positive qualities of IPVanish:

  • there is a zero logging policy. As a result, registration is not performed;
  • Unlike many types of VPN, where torrents are not supported at all, in this case an anonymous version of the program is offered.

The number of server locations is far from the maximum, NordVPN has more options to offer. We are talking about 5000 servers scattered all over the world, but also here it is worth considering the prices, IPVanish will cost significantly more.


Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Does not provide a login policy, so it creates an ideal level of privacy at the VPN level. The manufacturers have done a good job of creating attractiveness for users by creating a complete level of protection for data and online activities. There are proprietary functions TrackStop and NeuroRouting. PerfectPrivacy is suitable for advanced users, since traffic management is implemented in a convenient way (at the client's choice).

Significant pluses:

  • the ability to forward ports, which is relevant when working with torrents;
  • VPN can be changed by choosing different options for logging out and logging in;
  • The VPN service has a high level of performance.

The cost of using PerfectPrivacy is not affordable for everyone, so in this regard, it is inferior to NordVPN and a number of other services from the popular category. Also, some users note the difficulties in using and understanding the peculiarities of the VPN operation.


TunnelBear VPN is both secure and trustworthy  Virtual Private Network   (VPN). It is a feature rich technology with software that runs on all platforms and stores an extremely low and non-invasive amount of data about its users. This VPN service is easy to use and great for beginners.

In addition, TunnelBear has a transparent and up-to-date privacy policy written in good conscience.

This service is still gaining popularity and belongs to simple offers. Among its pleasant features, the following should be highlighted:

  • you can choose from 22 states to browse the web;
  • ease of use;
  • prevalence among users.

Among the shortcomings, they note the absence of an application that could cover all devices without taking into account the operating system used. Also, the choice of places is not the most significant.


The creators ensured the availability of servers in Tier-1 data centers scattered around the world. In addition, it is possible to provide increased speed. Also in this case, a zero-logging policy is practiced.

Strengths of BulletVPN:

  • Zero Logging is relevant. This type of policy allows you to exclude the registration of user information on servers;
  • there is simply no data that can link your devices and activity;
  • increased level of confidentiality.

Protection indicators are dozens of times superior to many other options, but refusal to form a log is rarely required for ordinary users. Logging into VPN servers is the norm, so only those users who purchase illegal goods in the form of drugs and weapons should worry about it. In other cases, it is not necessary to overpay. NordVPN will be much more affordable when you pay for the 3-year plan.

NordVPN and why does it need alternatives?

NordVPN is at the top of the list of popular VPN providers. It is used to restrict the dissemination of data on the network, in particular to hide identity. Most often, the service is used to bypass blocking sites on the Internet. The provider takes into account the location of the user and operates within the restrictions imposed by the government.

Among the functionalities offered:

  • IP address protection;
  • military encryption;
  • fencing DNS from leaks;
  • bandwidth without borders;
  • work with a number of devices (up to 6);
  • use of extensions suitable for Chrome and Firefox;
  • no log policy (view data is not recorded);
  • there are servers in 61 countries, they are absolutely safe, but sometimes there is a delay;
  • double encryption via DoubleVPN server;
  • torrent validity and Netflix.

Alternatives are good for finding a solution for your needs.

How to choose?

All of the alternatives listed are quite secure, yet they manage to provide good speed and reliability when connecting. It should be borne in mind that the fastest and very simple to set up cannot create complete anonymity. Often this problem occurs when you have the option of using a European PlayStation Plus subscription or access to American Netflix. Often, traffic is collected in order to study interests. At the same time, among the options presented, you can find a fairly safe one, taking into account the tasks and taste preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some viable alternatives to NordVPN, and what unique features do they offer?
Alternatives to NordVPN include services like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost. These VPNs offer unique features such as varied server locations, specialized servers for streaming, strong privacy policies, and innovative security features.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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