TOP 5 VPN services

TOP 5 VPN services

Nowadays, remote work is becoming more and more common practice. For progressive companies, the security issue is seriously raised. Today, the most reliable method of maximum traffic protection is the installation of a VPN. In this article, we will cover the top 5 VPN products.

As our analysis of the  Best VPN   monthly deal has revealed, the  Best VPN   per abonment type are as follow:

  1. Planet Free VPN 1 month deal at $7.99, an amazing 3 years deal at $2.39, and a global average offer at $5.48 per month regardless of your subscription will cost less on the long term, ( ⪢ Download)
  2. Ivacy VPN with a 1 year deal for as low as $3.5 per month, is great for a mid term privacy need, ( ⪢ Download)
  3. SurfShark VPN offers both the best 6 months deals at $6.49 per month and the best 2 years deals at $2.49 per month, a wide range of offers for various needs, ( ⪢ Download)
  4. CyberGhost VPN with the cheapest 3 years deal at $2.25 per month, ( ⪢ Download)
  5. Nord VPN has above average prices, but is said to have a good customer service, ( ⪢ Download)
  6. Express VPN with above average prices.
VPN Olympics: Best VPN monthly deals compared

Why VPN?

VPN provides the greatest confidentiality of information sent and received. Compared with proxy services or in all kinds of ways to hide the IP address, VPN establishes a secure connection between your device and the server, which, in turn, gives a significantly higher level of data privacy, protection of banking operations.

What are the benefits of paid VPN from free?

  • Quick connection to services
  • Greater security (for example, some free services trade user data from time to time)
  • More servers and their locations
  • High-quality, professional, round-the-clock technical support
  Best paying VPN: PlanetFreeVPN service

TOP 5 best VPN services

1) PlanetFreeVPN

  • A relatively new provider, but it has already managed to get many recommandations.
  • Recommended by Forbes, BBC, theguardian, BuzzFeed.
  • 24/7 online support as well as via email.
  • All major platforms are supported, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, configurations for routers and more.
  • Free extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • OpenVPN 256-bit 2048 RSA technologies (also support PPTP and L2TP).
  • Server geolocation is constantly expanding.
  • 100% security guarantee due to refusal of logs.
  • Free 7-day trial.

Issue Price:

  • 1 month subscription - $ 9.99;
  • 1 year subscription - $ 4.99 / month;
  • Subscription for 3 years - $ 2.99 / month.

Each subscription includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

Using discount code VPN20, can even get 20% off your VPN subscription, and get the price down to $2.39 per month with a 3 years plan, which makes it not only one of the best, but also one of the cheapest VPN offer available online.

With the PlanetFreeVPN firefox extension or Chrome extension, it is even easier to use the VPN to secure your Internet browsing with only a few clicks – and without hiding the rest of your traffic. For example, that’s a great way to hide your Internet browsing from your company’s software without installing a full VPN encryption on your whole computer.

2) CyberGhost

  • Romanian service allows you to use up to 7 devices from one account.
  • Different protocols are used: OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP.
  • Round-the-clock technical support in online chat.
  • 256-bit AES encryption, best in class.
  • Access to more than 6291 servers in more than 89 countries around the world.
  • CyberGhost VPN supports the largest number of platforms compared to competition. Among them are Windows, macOS and Linux, iOS and Android, BetterWorld Books FireStick AppleTV and AndroidTV, extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, as well as ready-made configurations for routers and other devices. And the list does not end there.
  • Despite the fact that the provider keeps logs, the information is collected anonymized. The company guarantees the security of personal data of its customers.
  • A free trial to determine if this product is right for you.

Issue Price:

  • 1 month subscription - $ 12.99;
  • 1 year subscription - $ 5.99 / month;
  • 2-year subscription - $ 3.69 / month;
  • Subscription for 3 years - $ 2.75 / month. In addition, at the time of writing, when completing this subscription, you get an additional two months for free

The CyberGhost VPN provider gives a 45-day money back guarantee if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product. The exception is a 1 month subscription. In this case, the warranty is given for 14 days.

3) NordVPN

  • The policy of completely abandoning logs.
  • More than 12 million users.
  • Use up to 6 simultaneous connections from one account.
  • All major platforms are supported, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, AppleTV and others.
  • 24/7 online technical support.
  • Recommended by BBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post, theguardian.
  • Access to more than 5600 servers in 59 countries.
  • Free 30 day trial.
  • Bonus anti-malware feature.

Issue Price:

  • 1 month subscription - $ 10.63;
  • Subscription for 1 year - $ 6.22 / month;
  • Subscription for 2 years - $ 4.44 / month;
  • Subscription for 3 years - $ 3.10 / month.

A 30-day money back guarantee is provided with Nord VPN.

4) Express VPN

  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • ExpressVPN is the most expensive VPN service. This is justified primarily by the fact that the company is the fastest virtual private network.
  • There is a Speed ​​Test function. It allows in an easy way to evaluate and select the best connection point.
  • The company is deservedly considered the  Best VPN   for the iPhone.
  • Access to more than 3,000 servers in more than 94 countries around the world, which also has a very positive effect on connection speed.
  • Supports all major platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and others.
  • There are no user logs, which is 100 percent guaranteed to protect data from intruders.
  • The application is recommended among others by BBC, Forbes, The New York Times.
  • Owners of some mobile devices can apply for a free trial, while for others, a trial version is not provided.
  • As part of one subscription, you can simultaneously connect to VPN servers on five devices.

Issue Price:

  • 1 month subscription - $ 12.95;
  • 6 months subscription - $ 9.99 / month;
  • Subscription for 1 year - $ 8.32 / month.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

The money back guarantee is 30 days. ExpressVPN also provides 30 days of free use of the product for each subscriber using your referral link as part of the ExpressVPN referral program.

5) SurfShark

  • Ad blocking function.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • All major platforms are supported, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, AppleTV and others.
  • Military grade encryption.
  • Denial of logs.
  • Perhaps the most important advantage of this service is an unlimited number of devices within a single subscription.
  • More than 1700 servers in more than 63 countries.
  • A Whitelister feature that allows individual applications or sites to bypass a VPN connection.
  • Free trial versions for iOS, macOS, Android. For other platforms, a trial version is not provided.
  • 24/7 online chat or email support.

Issue Price:

  • 1 month subscription - $ 12.95 / month;
  • 6 months subscription - $ 6.49 / month;
  • Subscription for 2 years - $ 2.49 / month.

Each subscription includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

SurfShark also offers the best 6 months and 2 years deal of all the available VPN offers, with a 6 months monthly deal for as low as $6.49, and a 2 years offer that comes down to $2.49 per month. No competition can match these offers!

Other honorable mentions

There are other great VPN available, such as Pure VPN that offers a 7 day trial for only US$0.99, Ivacy VPN that offers the same trial for USD 0.99 for a week, or OVPN that has a multihop feature that will hide your Internet traffic even better.

You can also consider VyprVPN that is based in Switzerland and can have a monthly price as low as $1.66, or  VPN Proxy Master   that has been trusted by 150,000,000 users.

It might be difficult to find the right VPN for your usage. As for most services, they are generally very similar, but what makes the difference is a good customer service that reacts quickly and solves issues as early as they are being reported to them. In our opinion,  Planet Free VPN   is great in this regard.

How to choose a VPN service?

If maximum data confidentiality is extremely important for you, then you should choose providers that do not keep logs, and also use exclusively paid VPN servers. Thus, you will significantly increase your network security.

If price is the most important criteria for you to choose a VPN then you might consider  PlanetFreeVPN service   for its great features for US $2.39 a month with discount code VPN20 and a 3 years subscription, or for the most cheap of all the  SurfShark VPN   service that can go as low as $1.99 per month with a 2 years subscription.

Have you tried some of these VPN services? Let us know in comments what is the best paying VPN service in your opinion and how it went with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria should be considered when ranking the top 5 VPN services, beyond the basic security features?
When ranking top VPN services, consider factors like server diversity and location, speed and stability of connection, user interface and ease of use, customer support quality, and additional features such as kill switches, multi-device compatibility, and no-logging policies.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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