IPVanish Review with Amazing Features

IPVanish Review with Amazing Features

US-based IPVanish is an attractive VPN provider with a long list of features, including some that you don't often see elsewhere.

The best  IPVanish service ‌  to work with has a decent sized network with 40,000+ public (IP) addresses and 1,500 P2P servers. Some VPNs provide more options, but as explained on the website, IPVanish is “the world's only top tier VPN provider”. The company owns and operates its own servers rather than renting other people's equipment, which gives it much more control over the setup and operation of the network and servers. It also showcases a level of resources and expertise that you don't often find with other VPNs.

The wide range of clients spans Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, even Amazon Fire TV, and also provides tons of setup guides for routers, Linux, Chromebooks, and other platforms.

As the review shows, IPVanish previously supported up to 10 simultaneous devices, but now it's even better: there are no fixed restrictions. 24/7 live chat support is available when needed, but even here IPVanish provides a little more than we expected. There is also phone support, but with a more limited schedule (9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday).

Plans and prices

IPVanish's pricing for its VPN service starts with monthly accounts billed at $ 3.49 for the first month and $ 9.99 for each month thereafter. Best value for money - an annual plan of just $ 2.62 a month in the first year and $ 89.99 a year later.

IPVanish also offers  a VPN ‌  + Cloud storage option using 500GB from SugarSync. If you use SugarSync regularly, this is a great option. Buy SugarSync directly from the SugarSync website and you'll be charged $ 18.95 per month for 500GB. This choice of IPVanish plan will save you tons of money and get you to use your VPN efficiently for free.

It can also be attractive if you just want to try SugarSync for an extended period and see how it works for you. $ 2.92 per month for the first year is less than even some low-cost VPN providers (Ivacy charges an effective $ 3.50 per month for its annual plan, private internet costs $ 3.33), so you can think of it as a free annual trial of SugarSync.

However, if you don't have a real need for web storage, choosing a different VPN provider can save you a lot of money. Surfshark's two-year plan only costs $ 2.50 per month for the first term, like a $ 60 upfront payment. IPVanish requires $ 39 for the first year, $ 78 for the second year, just $ 117.


As the review shows, IPVanish protects your privacy with strong industry-standard AES-256 encryption and support for the highly secure OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols.

IPVanish apps go a step further by giving you an extraordinary level of control over your OpenVPN setup. The ability to select an OpenVPN port (1194 or 443) can help you connect, while the Scramble OpenVPN Traffic option reduces the chances of your VPN tunnel being detected or blocked in anti-VPN countries like China or Iran.

The Windows client offers a kill switch, DNS, and even IPv6 leak protection to reduce the likelihood of your real identity being exposed on the network, for example if the  VPN connection ‌  drops.

Privacy benefits elsewhere include the iOS app's ability to create lists of wireless networks. They IPVanish will always protect, and others that it can ignore because you know they are safe. You can then leave the VPN on and off as needed, keeping your privacy at all times.

What is written in the Rules on the website about consumer logs?

“Our strict zero log policy keeps your identity a secret. We do not record any of your activity while connecting to our applications. In order to preserve your civil right to privacy.

We like to check big claims on the front of a website with small print on the back, but in this case, IPVanish's privacy policy says roughly the same thing.

IPVanish is a zero log VPN service provider, which means that we do not keep track of any connection, traffic or activity data regarding our Services.


Overall, it looks like the IPVanish platform is capable of delivering decent speeds. This can vary significantly depending on your location and the server you choose, so if you do sign up be sure to run some intense speed tests on your favorite routes. The download speed was even better - around 210-230 (Mbps).

Client setup

In our review of IPVanish, we see that it directly supports a wide variety of platforms, with clients available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Fire TV. There are no browser extensions, but the support pages have setup guides for Chrome and Firefox, as well as guides for routers, Chromebooks, Linux, and more.

The download links for the app are easy to find on the website, and conveniently, you don't need to sign in to your IPVanish account to access them.

There are no big surprises (or even small surprises) during the client setup process. Windows and Mac clients install just like any other, iOS and Android apps can be installed from their app stores, and there's a bonus direct download of an Android APK file for experts who need more control over the installation process.

Windows client

Again, IPVanish works differently. Its clients can look more complex than competitors - they have a lot more functionality.

If you don't like this interface, one click and you are browsing a more conventional list of countries. It looks more like other clients, but again, IPVanish has added additional features. The search box allows you to filter the list by keywords. You can sort the list by country, download, or response time. You can add servers to your favorites list with one click, and they can be intelligently displayed at the top of the country list rather than hidden in a separate tab.

IPVanish also allows you to select locations on the map, which is better than others. Move the map, for example, to the USA, and instead of bumping into a mass of overlapping location markers, the map only shows four. If you know you are looking for a location on the east coast, zoom in and more locations will appear with numbers representing the number of servers they offer. So, for example, we could see that there were 55 servers in New York, 67 in Washington, and 57 in Los Angeles. Double click anywhere and the client will automatically connect to the best available server.

Even the Preferences dialog box provides more functionality than we expected. You can switch protocols between IKEv2, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP, and OpenVPN TCP and UDP. You can choose the OpenVPN port (1194 or 443). There is protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks. You can determine which IPVanish server is using when starting the client, repair the IPVanish OpenVPN driver if it affects another VPN, and view the OpenVPN logs in the frontend to troubleshoot issues.

IPVanish Windows app download

Kill Switch

The client kill switch is not enabled by default, so we enabled it and ran some tests. The results were excellent in all areas of work. Whatever tricks are used to terminate the connection, whatever protocol is used. Each time, the client was immediately alerted with a desktop notification. And reconnected if this option was enabled in the settings, without revealing the real IP address.

Android app

The IPVanish Android VPN app opens with a simple quick connect screen that displays your current  IP address ‌  and location, lists the target country, city and server, and provides a connect button to quickly connect to the network.

The app chooses the closest server by default, but you can also specify the destination country, city in that country, or select a specific server with a couple of taps.

The app presents really useful status information along with beautiful visuals: your new IP address, server name, location, connection time, etc. This is a welcome confirmation that the system is working as you expect.

Location selection is relatively straightforward. You can select servers by country or city. There is no ping time or server load metrics. And there is also no favorites system or recent server list to speed up reconnection. Instead, you are forced to manually navigate to specific servers when you need them, which can be a problem on mobile devices with small screens.

The IPVanish review app lists more settings and options than most of the competition. You can choose an OpenVPN UDP or TCP connection optimized for speed or reliability. The port selection is wider than the Windows client (443, 1194, and 8443).

IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN - Apps on Google Play

IOS app

The IPVanish iOS app launches with the same Quick Connect screen as Windows and Android clients. Your IP address, location and VPN status are clearly displayed and you can select target country, city and server before connecting to VPN with just one tap. As with the Android app, the default country is always USA, wherever you are.

‎IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN on the App Store


If your VPN isn't working as expected, the IPVanish Help Center will point you in the right direction. The System Health link alerts you to any major company-wide issues, support articles are intelligently organized into key categories (Setup, Troubleshooting, Billing, etc.), and you can search the knowledge base at Internet for certain keywords.

Final verdict

The best  IPVanish service ‌  for the job has tons of features, highly customizable apps and fast live chat support to keep things running smoothly. IPVanish is great for you if you want to:

  • High quality encryption.
  • Decent internet speed.
  • Split tunneling.
  • Torrent capability.
  • Possibility of emergency switch control.
  • Excellent customer service.

But there are also some usability issues. But in general, the service meets all the requirements to stay at the top of the rating.

★★★★⋆ IPVanish Review with Amazing Features The best IPVanish service to work with has a decent sized network with 40,000+ public (IP) addresses and 1,500 P2P servers. Some VPNs offer more options, but as explained on the website, IPVanish is “the world's only top-tier VPN provider”. The company owns and operates its own servers rather than renting other people's equipment, which gives it much more control over the setup and operation of the network and servers. It also showcases a level of resources and expertise that you don't often find with other VPNs.

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