ExpressVPN Review: One of the Best VPNs?

ExpressVPN Review: One of the Best VPNs?

The ExpressVPN overview will cover the purchase process, installation, encryption technologies, and anonymity. The software, company features, server coverage and speed will also be taken into account. Interesting moments for users will be personal notes and support service.

ExpressVPN — what is this program and is it needed? is a multiplatform software service with 3,000 remote servers in 94 countries.

A feature of the service is the choice of data that will pass through the VPN server, and data that will pass through a local network connection and does not save user data. Plus, support specialists are available 24/7 via live chat and email.

ExpressVPN offers a comprehensive VPN plan and anonymity-focused service. The service was created in the Virgin Islands. The company has basic privacy features to keep users away from radar.

The ExpressVPN overview will cover the purchase process, installation, encryption technologies, and anonymity. The software, company features, server coverage and speed of their work will also be taken into account. Interesting moments for users will be personal notes and support service.


One of the main disadvantages of ExpressVPN is its price. It is he who serves as one of the most expensive providers. The pricing policy here is almost twice as high as that of competitors.

  1. For one month, you need to pay $ 12.95.
  2. For use within six months, you need to pay $ 9.99 per month.
  3. Annual maintenance requires $ 6.67 per month.

Thus, it is ExpressVPN that is characterized by expensive tariff plans. However, if you apply a unique affiliate link, the user will additionally receive three months of free use when choosing a service for a year. Of course, it's up to you to choose, but this particular option will be the most profitable.

Interestingly, ExpressVPN also offers users certain payment gateways:

  • credit cards with various payment systems;
  • electronic wallet Paypal;
  • cryptocurrency (in particular, Bitcoin);
  • other electronic wallets and payment systems (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Klarna, AliPay, Mint.

Regardless of the user's location, it will be possible to find the best option for paying for the service. There is also a difference between ExpressVPN and other similar sites. This service accepts payment exclusively in dollars. Moreover, there is no need for additional payments to other taxes and functions.

An interesting factor will also be the fact that the provider provides a money-back guarantee within 30 days. It is possible in case of any problems with the use of the site. The user just needs to contact technical support, tell about the problem and get a refund. By the way, everything happens within a short period of time. Please note that ExpressVPN may offer device connectivity prior to refunding funds.

What devices are ExpressVPN compatible with?

After completing the purchase, the user will need to install applications or programs that are compatible with their devices. In Macbook pro and RealMe, detailed conditions and characteristics are reflected within the sites themselves.

The following devices are suitable for using ExpressVPN:

  • computers with any OS;
  • smartphones on iOS and Android;
  • iPad;
  • Android TV;
  • Playstation and Xbox;
  • popular internet browsers;
  • routers (but in the case of them, manual configuration of options is required).

Users can also choose applications with a manual or automatic installation type. The second option will be the most preferable. It avoids upgrade problems and makes the installation process quick and easy.

Below we have provided a report on our experience of using the service software on Android and MacOS devices.

ExpressVPN is the minimal and easy-to-use VPN provider on the market today. Updates to its functionality took place at the end of 2019. It was at this moment that the company decided to remove unnecessary options, making it easier for ordinary users to use the application.

Due to the light and minimalist design, the connection to the program is just one click. In addition, the user can immediately check his geolocation. To do this, just click on the Select location tab. In a situation where you need to find other places, there is a function of neat sorting of servers by continent. You can also find a specific server, and then add the location to your favorites.

There are only limited options for customizing ExpressVPN:

  • protection against detection and leakage of IPv6 addresses when connecting;
  • the ability to use private DNS ExpressVPN;
  • choice of one of four protocols. Each of them is characterized by its own indicators of speed and confidentiality;
  • function in the form of network blocking. She specializes in stopping the online connection if the device and VPN server lose connection;
  • split tunneling option, where the user can select the applications that will use the VPN tunnel.

However, it is precisely because of the style in the minimalist direction that users can deprive certain functions. Among them are JS / cookie prevention and ad blocking.

Even when looking for additional options, ExpressVPN does not provide these benefits. However, if you use ExpressVPN specifically as a VPN provider, the program fully meets the needs of the modern user. This is especially true for security and anonymity.

More about privacy

In theory, everything looks quite acceptable, but it is worth looking at the practical side of privacy. In the program, all this is expanded in a more complex and detailed manner.

Much attention has been paid to the server infrastructure.

  1. Encryption system. There are four different protocols involved. One of them was recently developed by the team. Moreover, the goals are focused on speed and simplicity. But still, it is still in beta testing, it is undergoing improvements and updates.
  2. Private DNS. It is required to ensure the most secure connection possible. It also helps to encrypt information and personal data.
  3. Infrastructure. It was this provider that first introduced RAMDisk into its functionality, that is, trusted servers. They ensure that the stored information is deleted when the device is turned off or turned on again.

Connection speed and connection coverage

21 century. The era of information technology. At a time like this, internet speed is extremely important for seemingly simple everyday tasks. Many people noticed that at a low connection speed, some applications stop opening, images and video materials are not loaded. Therefore, for VPN services, high speed is rare.

It's all about encrypting data packets. Information outgoing from the device is encrypted with certain bits. After that, the encrypted packets are delivered through the tunnels to the site servers. Due to the passage of long distances, the speed of the Internet drops dramatically.

This problem can be solved by using a VPN, with a large worldwide coverage of servers and their optimization from the provider. If there are server computers around the world, data packets travel a shorter distance, respectively, the Internet speed increases, and the latency becomes lower.

Downloading files from Torrent

Previously, with Express VON, downloading files from a torrent was a huge problem. The speed barely reached 700 kb / s. But now, the developers have finalized and improved the service. Now the speed of the  VPN connection   can be compared to the unencrypted one.

Server coverage and connection

Many people use VPN to view foreign streaming services (Change of IP-address, therefore, change of location on the network). For example, the US Netflix catalog will not be available outside of it. The situation is exactly the same with the BBC iplayer. Content from this service is only available outside the UK.

Not every VPN can boast of these capabilities. But will Express VPN handle this?

  1. With the help of Express VPN, it became possible to connect with the libraries of the Netflix service in different countries. For example Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the USA. But still, the library is smaller than that of the SurfShark service.
  2. The advantage of Express VON is its video streaming capability. But there is one drawback: for online viewing of video material in Ultra HD quality and higher, it will take a few seconds to download it. But compared to other services, this amount of time is negligible.

Online gaming and VPN

Many gamers know how important ping (Data Packet Delay) is in the game. Especially in shooters. If this delay is higher than 250 ms, then the game becomes impossible. With VPN services, you can forget about online games due to instability and high delays. But there are also exceptions.

Express VPN can guarantee stability in online gaming. This was proven when testing the service in the Dota 2 game, where the service showed surprisingly good results.

When connected to ExpressVPN, packet latency increased by only 20ms from the value of an unencrypted connection. Therefore, you can continue to enjoy your favorite online game, even with ExpressVPN, without any dropouts or disconnections.

Summing up: the score is 4.5 out of 5!

Why is ExpressVPN the  Best VPN   for encryption in 2021? Express VPN is a data encryption service for the Internet, which is able to provide high connection speed and excellent security. It is possible to connect up to five devices at once. This service is available even in countries with internet censorship (China, Iran, etc.).

Express VPN's speed is capable of viewing or streaming HD videos, downloading large files and browsing previously inaccessible sites far from server locations without any lag. Compared to WireGuard and OpenVPN, ExpressVPN outperforms its competitors in every way.

Express VPN is protected by AES 256-bit encryption without saving logs, with automatic shutdown and protection against information leaks. Servers pass data packets strictly through RAM (Random Access Memory), which allows all data to be erased upon reboot.

If you have problems with the connection, you can always contact the support service via chat or email. Express VPN can be considered the  Best VPN   in 2021. It can be used comfortably without the risk of data leakage.

★★★★⋆  ExpressVPN Review: One of the Best VPNs? Express VPN is protected by AES 256-bit encryption without saving logs, with automatic shutdown and protection against information leaks. Servers pass data packets strictly through RAM (Random Access Memory), which makes it possible to erase all data upon reboot.

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