BlufVPN Review: Features, Benefits, Pricing, and Personal Data Security & Encryption

BlufVPN Review: Features, Benefits, Pricing, and Personal Data Security & Encryption

BlufVPN as the best representative of a reliable VPN service for streaming and surfing the net

BlufVPN is a service from a domestic manufacturer that guarantees its owner complete information security and encryption of data on the Web. Incoming traffic is encrypted according to military standards, so no one can get the user's information.

Our BlufVPN review will detail how effective and safe the use of the BlufVPN service is.

It is worth using the services of the service if the user is going to:

  • temporarily use public Wi-Fi networks;
  • overcome blocking in services;
  • take care of your information security and anonymity.

By subscribing to the BlufVPN service, the user can fully secure their traffic on five devices at the same time. VPN assumes the presence of applications on both mobile and operating systems, as well as additional configurations to implement the ability to configure a secure channel in your router and connect it via OpenVPN.

The service operating rules help the user to fully understand the procedure for storing and protecting information from strangers. The only information BlufVPN asks for from its customers is email for the purpose of notifying them of current updates and creating a user account.

Service work functions

BlufVPN is a guaranteed user connection security. The service is aimed at solving such problems as:

  • ensuring the confidentiality of the client's real IP-address;
  • assistance in overcoming the system of blocking on sites required by the user;
  • the ability to quickly and safely download various torrents;
  • full encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic;
  • guaranteed protection of the user's personal data from unwanted penetration of unauthorized persons while using social networks and public pages of the Network.

After the launch of the BlufVPN service, the user is given the opportunity to connect to the server that is most convenient for him due to his real location at the moment. In the event that the client wants to overcome the blockage in a different geographic location, the current localization can be changed manually.

Using Chrome and Firefox plugins allows the client to connect to the VPN service for free. The available servers include such countries of the world as Canada, Great Britain, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. If there is a need to operate other servers, the user needs to subscribe to a paid subscription and activate his account.

Once you subscribe to the Premium class, you can use over fifty servers, thus providing a more global reach.

BlufVPN operates smoothly on such popular world devices as:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Windows;
  • Linux;
  • macOS.

The service support service is active around the clock, so the user can contact it at any time via the current active email. Also, thanks to technical support, the client can extend the term of his subscription or, on the contrary, cancel it.

Personal data security and encryption

When operating the service, the entire volume of traffic, both incoming and outgoing, is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. The decryption process is performed on a special remote server.

For this reason, even if an outsider or a certain interested organization manages to intercept the information in any way, it is not possible to decrypt it without the original key. An additional security tool is also built into the program - the Kill Switch function. This function allows you to instantly terminate the current connection when detecting the slightest problem regarding the operation of the VPN, in order to prevent any kind of DNS leaks.

Although BlufVPN does not provide its users with a split tunneling system, built-in ad blocking and antivirus, built-in security tools will be more than enough to ensure complete privacy.

To implement the full-fledged functionality, the service asks its customers:

  • e-mail address;
  • such information about the current device as: browser, user language, screen parameters, information about the adapter.

The data provided by the user for analysis and the formation of his account does not in any way affect the provision of anonymity and the protection of personal data.

VPN does not steal and store user data such as:

  • real current location, name, email address, phone number and other confidential data of the client;
  • information about the payments made, that is, the details of the bank card and the number of the electronic wallet;
  • information about the history of visits in the browser.

In order for the BlufVPN service to work without any sanctions and restrictions, it received registration on the territory of the Republic of the Dominican Republic.

This was done due to the absence of any legal acts that force the program to collect personal data of clients and information about their activity on the Internet. In case of any changes, the organization undertakes to notify its users about the current state of affairs in time.


Every user of the BlufVPN service is given the opportunity to use the Internet at such a speed. Which allows you to view a variety of streaming video materials on streaming services, bypassing buffering, of course, in good playback quality. Such well-known video content services as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu have been successfully tested.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

In cases where the user connects to remote servers, the performance speed will be reduced by about forty percent. This, of course, is not so bad, but the company strives for the best, continuing to improve the work of the service.

BlufVPN is the  Best VPN   for streaming because it allows you to easily bypass many of the provider's restrictions that are set in terms of bandwidth. The current speed of the Network allows you to create high quality streaming sites.

Possible tariffs

The client can use additional updates for Chrome and Firefox absolutely free of charge, however, in the absence of the Premium mode, some functions will be significantly limited.

A demo version of the program is available to everyone for up to seven days. During this time, you can fully familiarize yourself with the range of services provided by the organization and decide on a paid subscription. However, this function is only possible for mobile applications; on other devices, a paid subscription is required immediately after installation.

The program offers the purchase of one tariff, which will allow its owner to use the following services of the service:

  • the ability to connect five devices at the same time;
  • the ability to refuse logs;
  • endless traffic and speed;
  • encryption 256 bit;
  • providing round-the-clock technical support.

The cost of services will depend on the immediate duration of the subscription, in other words:

  • for one month - $5.49;
  • for one year - $33 (the price for one month is reduced to $2.75).

You can pay for services using:

  • bitcoins;
  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • PayPal;
  • Webmoney;
  • Qiwi.

After making the first money transfer, the program system is rebuilt for auto payment, and if the client wants to disable it, he should contact technical support. This must be done no later than 30 days and no more than 500 MB of traffic must be used.

About the operation procedure

The client needs to create a personal account, install an application intended for the connection platform, and first buy a subscription if it is not a mobile application. After installation, select the Connect command, and in order to achieve maximum security, you can use the Kill Switch option.

In order to exploit all kinds of plugins, you do not need to register, 4 servers will be publicly available without it. If the connection is made using a router, the client can configure the security of all connections. This allows you to protect the systems even of the smart home.

In order for the functions to start working, you should:

  • go to your lk on the program website;
  • click on the Download button and enter the Router section;
  • specify the required country;
  • copy your username, password and email address of the liquidated server.

Setting up a connection on a router will depend on the firmware. In other words, if the section implies VPN, you need to specify the IP of the remote server, login and password from the provider, and if the section is missing, then you need to create a new WAN connection.

Alternatively, you can proceed as follows and set the configuration for OpenVPN. Required:

  • go to lk BlufVPN;
  • select the appropriate country;
  • download BlufVPN configuration file;
  • import the file into a special OpenVPN application.

The embedded keys will already be available to the client and in the future, to complete the installation, you will need to hold down the Conect command.

Results 4 out of 5

BlufVPN is a VPN that lets you enjoy content your way. It is a choice in favor of your own Internet with complete privacy.

BlufVPN is a free VPN app that you can use to open up the Internet and see it the way it was meant to be - free and unlimited. With the help of the application, all your data and traffic are under your complete control.

BlufVPN is a secure and high-speed VPN service, using which you can be completely confident in the complete security of your personal data. Users will appreciate the service's capabilities.

High speed of data transfer, reliable protection of personal data from intruders, a large number of countries to choose from and an efficient technical support service will make the application convenient to use. Thanks to the capabilities of the service, users will be able to view the content they need and not worry about their safety.

★★★★☆  BlufVPN Review: Features, Benefits, Pricing, and Personal Data Security & Encryption BlufVPN is a secure and high-speed VPN service, using which you can be completely confident in the complete security of your personal data. Users will appreciate the service's capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BlufVPN's approach to personal data security and encryption stand out from its competitors?
BlufVPN emphasizes robust personal data security with advanced encryption protocols, ensuring that user data is securely encrypted and safeguarded from potential cyber threats. It stands out for its commitment to user privacy, including a strict no-logs policy and regular security audits.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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