How to Check Prices on Google Shopping in Other Countries and Currencies?

How to Check Prices on Google Shopping in Other Countries and Currencies?

Google is one of the companies that usually produces the most products related to the most famous ones. However, some go unnoticed simply because they are difficult to understand. Here's what's happening with Google Shopping.

What is Google Shopping

When you want to buy something, whether it's a plant, a device, a cream... many times you end up going to your browser (mostly Google), putting in the right product and searching, right? Well, as a result, in the column on the right, we see a series of products that may be what you are looking for.

Google Shopping is sort of a price comparator for products, but it's also an opportunity for any online business to make their products known to anyone who searches for them. In other words, positioning.

Google Shopping is a marketplace where online store owners can place shopping ads. In search results, they look like small product cards and differ from regular search results in appearance and information content.

Search Google shopping in another country does not differ globally. That is, the main thing is the position in the search query, and, accordingly, income.

Google indexes the products of an online store in such a way that when someone searches for that product, it will show it along with the price and store so that the user can compare prices and see products from different stores. What's more, this field is even more important than Google Adwords ads or even regular searches, so it's a very powerful weapon to advertise your business and your products.

How to List Your Store on Google Shopping

Before you jumpstart yourself and want to get into Google Shopping, it's important to weigh your decision. And also that you meet the requirements that are necessary to enter. What are these requirements? Everything is very simple.

  • You need to have a Google Adwords account. This is important because it is linked to your Google Merchant account (the company of Google Shopping) and through which you can create campaigns for your products;
  • You also need to have a Google Merchant Center account.
  • Create a product feed, if possible in XML, so you can submit it to Google and your products will start showing up.
  • Availability of an online store.

Detailed instructions on how to enter Google Shopping:

  1. Find Google Merchant Center. You can do it using this link.
  2. You must sign up, and it's recommended that you use the same email address that you used in Google Ads as it will be much faster (and the two accounts will be easily linked). To register, you must fill in all the requested information, and after verification, you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Upload your data feed. That is, a file (better in XML) with information about your products. Actually, when you don't have many products, it's easy to do, but if your store has thousands of them, use a plugin to easily create one.
  4. Make sure everything is correct. Especially before shipping, so that there are no errors (especially in prices) that could negatively affect your store
  5. Link Google Ads and seller. You can do this by going to Settings, and from there to Adwords. What is needed for this? Google Ads ID.

Benefits of Google Shopping

  • Visual advertising. Because not only will you find the text, but you will also show the image, and that might be exactly what that person is looking for. In fact, when looking at things and comparing them, you have a much higher purchase intent than with other results.
  • Priority. Because Google Shopping products appear before Adwords ads and take precedence in search engine results. In fact, it's entirely possible that Google's trend remains the same, giving it more and more importance.
  • qualified traffic. A person who sees a product or looks for it is because he intends to buy it, not because he really needs information about it. So it usually (sooner or later) turns into a sale.

Disadvantages of Google Shopping

You are competing on price. Usually the winners are those who offer the best price for that product. Therefore, sometimes it can be difficult to succeed with this tool. If your prices are uncompetitive, it will be almost impossible for you to achieve anything.

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Protect Your Privacy And Security

Big companies like Amazon, Casa del Libro, Ebay, Mediamarkt… Do they all sound familiar? You have to compete with them, and that will diminish your chances if you don't add value to your product.

Pros and Cons of Google Shopping

There are far more pluses than minuses. And now about the cons of the service.

  • Products from Google shopping are reflected in the search results, and this makes it easier to work with the service;
  • The cost of a click will be significantly lower than when buying contextual advertising;
  • You can set up your account yourself, without the help of a specialist;
  • No need to write keywords: the service will do it for you;
  • Users can leave and read product reviews;
  • Targeted ads feature: ads will be shown only to interested users. If a person is looking for ball bearings, women's bags will not be shown to him.
  • Google makes strict requirements for the content of online stores. If your site does not meet them, then you need to refine or abandon this method of promotion. But it’s better to refine it, because Google Shopping is a great way to make yourself known;
  • Not all products are moderated - some are prohibited by the rules of the service.

Google Shopping Rules

Not all products can be sold through this service. The prohibited ones include:

  • Transport tickets;
  • Tickets for shows, concerts and other entertainment events;
  • Any property;
  • Motorized or sailing vehicles;
  • Currency, financial products;
  • Services;
  • Product subscriptions;
  • Digital goods that require additional software, etc.

Site Requirements

As mentioned above, Google imposes strict requirements on the site of the online store. This is logical and justified: Google Shopping cares about its reputation and provides links only to trusted online stores. How to check your site for compliance? Very simple.

  • Go to the site, open the product catalog and any card. And another, and another. Look at the link window: each product should have its own unique link - it is through it that the client from the aggregator will go.
  • Photos of goods must be in good quality. Do not forget about the high resolution - at least 250x250 pixels, but not more than 64 megapixels. The weight of the file with the photo is no more than 16 MB, otherwise it's too much. The photo should be dominated by the product itself - at least 75-90% of the entire image. That is, shoot close-up and do not leave “air” and other unnecessary details in the photo.
  • We continue to study the product cards of your site. There is a price - excellent. No, we are adding it now. If a discount applies to any product, this must also be indicated on the card. Product prices can be displayed in multiple currencies, depending on which countries you sell products to.
  • Make a separate page for the conditions of return and guarantee for goods. This is necessary for the peace of mind of the buyer and the prevention of conflict situations.
  • It is also important to write down all your contact details: the legal and actual address of the company, representation in social networks, phones and emails - it is better to have several employees at once.

How to Check Prices in Google Shopping with Nord VPN

If you need to know the prices of a product that is sold in another country and another currency, then Nord VPN can help. The thing is that when connecting to a VPN, you can select any country that is on the list. Nord VPN has more than 5 thousand servers in 60 countries, so the choice is very huge. When you connect, the service will replace your current location with the one you have chosen, so in Google Shopping you will see products that are relevant for the selected country in the current currency.

Using a VPN in general increases the security of your personal data when browsing the Internet. When you connect to the service, it will create a secure encrypted tunnel through which information will flow both from you and to you. Therefore, cybercriminals and scammers will not be able to get hold of your data - it is encrypted. Of course, any encryption can be broken, but we are talking about a very reliable service that does not keep any logs, so it can take a whole billion years to break such an encryption, which, in fact, makes breaking impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of comparing prices on Google Shopping in different countries and currencies, and how can a VPN assist in this process?
Comparing prices in different countries and currencies can reveal significant price differences, helping users find better deals. A VPN assists in this process by allowing users to access Google Shopping in different regions, showing prices in local currencies.

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Protect Your Privacy And Security

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