What Is The Best VPN For TikTok?

What Is The Best VPN For TikTok?

Despite controversy in many countries, TikTok has managed to become one of the most popular social networks for sharing and watching short videos. TikTok uses the location information of its users to provide content based on location. But at some point, you may want to change the location or region on TikTok in order to get content from a different location or country.

Previously, you could change the location from the settings menu in the app. Thus, you could receive content from any location of your choice. For some reason, TikTok decided to remove this option from their settings menu. This makes it impossible to receive content from the region you select. Now TikTok uses the user's physical location to determine the location and provide content related to that region or country. So you can find a workaround to get content from your preferred region.

How to change location or region in TikTok?

1 Using the Nord VPN service

VPN servers help hide our original IP address by directing our internet traffic through a different address, in other words a tunnel. How can one change the location or region on the TikTok social network using such a seemingly complicated technology at first glance?

First of all, download Nord VPN from any official source (Google Play or App Store). Now you can start the quick setup. Once you open the VPN app, you must select the area and region of your choice from the available options. Then calmly connect to the selected location.

After you have done all this and entered TikTok, your recommendations in the feed should be exactly from the country to which you connected via VPN. This simulates your being in the location you specified, so TikTok will attempt to provide content from that location.

2 Change language settings

This method tricks the TikTok algorithm into giving you content in the language you prefer. Now, for this, you just need to add languages ​​to your content preferences. What do I need to do?

Click on your profile icon and click on the three dots in the top right corner. Now click on content settings and click on the Add Language button. It remains only to add the language from which you want to receive content. Interestingly, you can select several languages, then this will give more content. However, this method is ideally best combined with the following, then both of them will be even more effective.

3 Interaction with content from other regions

So, for the trick to work, you must start interacting with the content from the location or language you added in the second method. How to interact? Everything is very simple. To get started, use the Discover button and find any place you like. After that, you need to scroll through the region-specific content and start liking as well as adding content to your list. This feature lets TikTok know that you like content from that region, so it will show more of that content.

Compared to the ability to directly change the region, this method can seem very long and time consuming. Although, if you change your location with a VPN, you will only get content from that location, which is not always the case. Instead, if you follow the above method, you should get content from all the regions and languages ​​you like.

Why is it worth using Nord VPN for relaxation and entertainment on the TikTok social network?

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Tik Tok positions itself as a social network, which means that the main focus is on communication between users. The unifying idea is the publication of various author's videos. Users themselves can remove them by publishing them in their accounts.

Since this social network is used for business as well, it is necessary to use the  Best VPN   for Tik Tok to protect your data and safety on the network.

Nord VPN is a proven and very reliable service for encrypting your data, as well as successfully hiding your real location, IP address. The use of a VPN solution in itself makes your stay on the Internet safe - cybercriminals and other intruders will not be able to get your information in any way, because it is encrypted. Of course, there are methods to break such encryption, but this process can take more than a thousand years, that is, in fact, it is unrealistic to do this.

This service provides very convenient features to use. An important difference from competitors is that the service has more than 5 thousand servers worldwide in 60+ countries. Due to this, the connection will be stable, breaks are practically excluded, in addition, you can turn on a special “emergency” button - if the VPN is turned off for some reason, it will immediately disable Internet access from your device. In addition, it has very high speed and unlimited bandwidth.

By purchasing a Nord VPN subscription, you can easily secure up to 6 devices, which is a great option if you have a large family or many friends. There is nothing complicated in the settings of this VPN, you just need to select a server and click the connect button. You can install Nord VPN on a huge number of devices - not only on a laptop or smartphone, but also on a TV with smart TV support, on a router.

When it comes to Nord VPN pricing, users have several options for subscribing:

  • The discounted two-year plan will cost $99 for the first two years. When connecting such a tariff, the savings will be 65%.
  • The one-year plan costs $59, which is actually $4.92 per month. When connecting such a tariff, the savings will be 58%.
  • The tariff plan for one month is the most expensive, you can connect it for $ 11.92, respectively, no savings.

Two additional services can be added to the subscription: Nord Pass - secure storage, organization and access to passwords from anywhere. This service costs $2.49 per month, and when connected, it saves you 50%. The second service is Nord Locker 10 GB, a secure cloud for your files. Costs $1.49 per month and saves 70%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a VPN enhance the TikTok experience, and what features should users look for in a VPN for TikTok?
A VPN can enhance the TikTok experience by providing access to the app in restricted regions and securing internet connection. Look for a VPN with high-speed servers, strong encryption, and stability to ensure a smooth TikTok experience.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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