Do you need a VPN to bet online?

Online casinos are spreading around the world. Their popularity has long exceeded that of their conventional counterparts. This fact is not surprising since online casinos have a number of undoubted advantages that significantly increase their attractiveness in the eyes of potential customers. First, they are much more affordable than real casinos. The latter have long been perceived more as a whim of rich people than a place where anyone can try their luck in a number of interesting and potentially profitable games. Those who appreciate the process of playing a game in the casino and the emotions it evokes rather than showing off increasingly prefer the online format over visiting a real brick-and-mortar facility.

Another equally important factor that ensures the popularity of online casinos is their accessibility from any place convenient for the customer. In many countries, casinos are located in a limited range of places, such as premium hotels or designated neighborhoods. Such a situation completely eliminates the factor of spontaneity because a trip to the casino must be planned in advance, and a person needs to prepare for it for some time, not to mention getting to their destination. If you play in an online casino, you can do it from anywhere, be it your sofa, your favorite bar, or the bed in which you lie before falling asleep. Given all these factors, it is not surprising that online casinos are gradually gaining popularity, which is not only equal to that of conventional casinos but even higher than that.

Can online casinos replace their conventional relatives? Many skeptics argue that one of the factors that can hinder this possibility is the lower earning capacity of the former.

According to them, an online casino is just a specific type of browser game that brings players fun and excitement but not real winnings. Is that really so? Tens of thousands of people who have won substantial sums of money in online casinos could argue with this statement. Despite the relative youth of this industry, it has already brought huge fortunes to many lucky people. Currently, the largest jackpot obtained from an online casino is $ 24 million that a player from Finland has won in the Mega Fortune game. Mega Moolah online casinos brought the world the second and third largest jackpots, $ 22.4 and $ 19.9 million, respectively. Of course, for security reasons, the owners of the largest jackpots are in no hurry to reveal their true identities (such increased security is another advantage of the online format). However, they exist, serving as living examples of how online casinos are quite capable of providing a fortune to those who are brave enough to take risks.

Of course, despite all the benefits of online casinos, using them is not always convenient. This situation is not related to the platforms themselves but to the legislation of the countries in which their customers are located. Many countries around the world block access to online casinos from their territory, either because of having a ban on gambling in general or because of the need for companies to undergo additional registration to operate in their territory. However, nowadays, it is easy to circumvent such prohibitions for those who really want to feel the range of emotions that online casinos can bring. Thus, VPNs, proxy servers, and other ways to bypass regional blockings do a great job with this mission. Those whose countries block their access to the online casinos that they like can always bypass this restriction by setting a VPN and choosing an IP address of a state that does not have such strict regulations. Therefore, even with restrictions, online casinos remain much more affordable than their conventional counterparts.

Given that the phenomenon of online casinos is relatively young, it is not surprising that more and more platforms of this type are emerging with incredible speed. Some of them cannot boast of high quality or responsible approach to service. Some others, however, get to establish themselves as safe and reliable platforms from the very first days of their operation. Among the narrow circle of the latter, it is impossible to ignore, a young casino that has already gathered a loyal audience of players who prefer it because of the reliability, consistency, and advantageous conditions that this online casino offers. Judge for yourself: the platform's customers have access to more than 3,000 games, from classic varieties to bright novelties, without the need to use VPN or proxy servers in the vast majority of cases! Few companies in the market have the opportunity to show themselves in a positive light in such a short time. However, ‌  has managed to do it to the full extent.

Considering the example of, it is easy to understand that online casinos are far from simple browser games (as their critics claim); instead, these are professional and serious platforms that approach things creatively and responsibly. Thus, one of the defining features of ‌  is the ability to create a demo account for practice, through which people unfamiliar with online casinos can gain the necessary experience and understanding of the field to further decide whether they want to continue moving in this direction. In addition, the platform provides advantageous bonuses for newly arrived players, in particular, a 100% welcome bonus added to the starting deposit (up to € 100). By doing so, the company creates the most comfortable conditions for players, in which the latter can unleash their full potential and try online casinos as a pleasant combination of entertainment and source of profit.

So is the popularity of online casinos justified? Undoubtedly, yes. They are definitely not just some entertainment facilities but a full-fledged alternative to real casinos, which, at the same time, is much more accessible to a wide range of players than its conventional counterpart. Of course, when choosing an online casino to your liking, you should pay particular attention to the reputation of the platform and its reliability to avoid getting into the fraudsters' trap. The market is full of unscrupulous institutions. However, as long as reliable companies like ‌  operate on it, it is possible to predict that the future of the online casino industry is going to be bright.

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