What Does Google Know About You If You're Not Using The Best VPN?

What Does Google Know About You If You're Not Using The Best VPN?

It's no secret that when you use the Internet, big companies like Google can collect all sorts of information about you, but which one? After all, not everyone may like this approach - you want to maintain confidentiality and not share your personal data with anyone. Even if you feel like you're not being followed, you're not. You may notice that as soon as you search for something through a search engine, after that Google selects advertising offers for this particular object.

Why collecting information is a danger to users

On the one hand, you might think: what's the difference, let Google collect information, because with the help of the company's services there are huge opportunities for comfortable work and leisure, synchronization between devices and a bunch of other useful things. However, the whole danger of the situation lies in the fact that someone other than Google can take over such information, and this is no longer very pleasant. If a leak occurs, then all the information about you - the places you visit, where you live, your hobbies, all this can be recognized by outsiders, and used at their own discretion (usually not benevolent).

What does Google know about you?

The first thing the company collects is information about your location. Based on this information, you will receive promotional offers. Moreover, Google stores all your places that you have ever visited, but you may have forgotten yourself.

In addition to geolocation and visited places, Google collects information about the history of your search on the Internet. It also includes a list of articles you've read, social media profiles you've visited, and more.

Information is stored from your devices that have your Google account. This includes:

  • Information about your contacts;
  • Plans and tasks in the calendar;
  • Musical preferences;
  • Your device's battery level and more.

If you use a feature such as Ok Google, then everything you say into your smartphone will also be saved by the company. The interesting thing is that these requests can even be listened to, and if suddenly it is stolen, an outsider will be able to listen to your requests.

How to delete information about yourself

To get started, you should follow this link and turn off the collection of data that you do not want to share with Google and advertisers. All items are collected in one place, and this greatly simplifies the task.

Then you need to delete the data about you that has already been collected. To do this, follow another link , specify the period (to delete all data at once, you can select the All time item), select the services one by one or all at once and feel free to click on the delete button.

Nord VPN - keep your information safe when working with Google

For Google, Nord VPN has a number of advantages, and this is the most important for your security. The most important benefits are:

  • Protecting your personal data
  • Full confidentiality of your activities on the Internet
  • Possibility to change the IP address
  • Protection against surveillance of you on the network

Nord VPN can not only make your Internet connection secure, but also hide information about you from outsiders, including Google. What information about yourself can be hidden when using the best Nord VPN?

1. Personal information.

This includes your name, age, the image of your face (relevant for those who use face unlock), as well as the sound of your voice.

2. Preferences.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

This includes hobbies, interests, and shopping preferences.

3. Location.

This is a very important parameter that is better to hide, since we figured out above that in case of data leakage, outsiders can find out about all your movements and use it for personal gain.

4. Relationships.

It's not hard for Google to find out about your family members and close friends, but it's not always worth sharing such information, so Nord VPN does a great job of hiding even this seemingly insignificant information.

5. YouTube.

Google has been collecting information about what you watch on this platform for a long time, as well as storing your search history on the service. Nothing critical, but also such information, many would not like to share.

6. Browser history.

You can successfully hide not only your search history, but also the websites you visit.

7. Email.

If you use an email client from Google, you should be aware that the company sees the content of both received and sent emails. Therefore, Nord VPN will help to hide such information, it will not be superfluous.

In the modern world, the most valuable thing is the possession of information, and since it is not always possible to obtain it legally, cases of hacks and fraud have become more frequent, in other words, cybercrime continues to gain momentum. But it is a mistake to think that only large companies suffer from this, because ordinary users are also very often “hacked” and receive secret information about their identity, bank cards, and payments.

Each of us wants his data and himself to be completely safe. Of course, one could say that you can simply not use the Internet, and then there will be no danger and data leaks, but in 2022 this is simply impossible. Through the Internet, you can work, have fun, communicate with family and loved ones. The world does not stand still in terms of information and technology, everything is constantly evolving and people want to use it. Therefore, to ensure that your browsing experience is completely safe and non-threatening, it is best to use Nord VPN. It is very stable, and moreover ؅— if you buy a subscription for 1 account, you can protect up to 6 different devices, these can be your family members or close friends. If you divide the payment for everyone, it turns out that Nord VPN is not so expensive, but at the same time it brings great benefits.

Nord VPN is one of the best such services, has more than 5 thousand servers around the world, and therefore gives a very stable connection. Also, the service does not store your logs and any information about you, so even if someone could hack the system, nothing will be stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can using a VPN minimize the amount of personal information that Google collects, and what data is typically collected without VPN protection?
Using a VPN can minimize personal data collection by masking your IP address and location, thus reducing the data Google can track, such as browsing history, location-based data, and search preferences. Without a VPN, Google can collect extensive information related to your online activities.

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Protect Your Privacy And Security

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