How To Use The Best VPN To Get Cheaper Flights?

How To Use The Best VPN To Get Cheaper Flights?

If you fly frequently, whether for work or personal purposes, you probably want to pay much smaller amounts for plane tickets. But is it possible to do this if, for example, you like to fly business class?

Finding cheap flights is not an easy task. Flight comparison sites can help you with this, but due to the regular price fluctuations, you will need a lot of effort and patience in order to find the best deal. However, there are some tricks, thanks to which you can buy plane tickets at a better offer.

There is a reason why you may not always be able to buy tickets at a bargain price. Comparison sites usually track your location and thus show the prices of the region from which you accessed the Internet. The relative wealth of your area and the number of residents interested in the same trip can affect the cost of a ticket.

By using a VPN for your location, you can avoid the “pitfalls” that increase your rates.

What's changing as websites track your location when you buy a plane ticket

First of all, cookies are tracked. Thanks to this, the search history of your browser from which you access the Internet is saved. Comparison sites use cookies to determine the frequency of a particular request and, if so, to increase the prices of the respective flights.

Another element that is tracked if you are not using a VPN is your IP address. Because your connection is not encrypted, it's easy for travel sites to determine your location and offer flight tickets at prices that are most relevant to your area.

Sites can also track your location on your Wi-Fi network if you have given permission to do so.

How to save money on buying plane tickets with VPN

Best VPN for flights works very simply, in fact it forms a new network, when connected to which the user's IP address is replaced with the address of the new server. Thus, an artificial connection is formed with the object of your interaction, with a completely encrypted data transfer route.

By working correctly with VPN, you can significantly save money for your travels and spend it on vacation.

There are six ways that you can learn how to save money on buying air tickets, being literally anywhere in the world.

1. Browse websites from a country server with lower incomes

Using Nord VPN, connect to a server located in a low-income country. One of these countries is India. For comparison, I conducted an experiment: first I looked at the cost for the same flight. Since August is one of the most popular months for flying, I scheduled a departure from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, and an arrival at Naples Airport (Italy). When I was connected to a server in India, I saw this output:

And when I connected to a server in the US, I got a significantly higher price (compared to India):

Traffic encryption

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Protect Your Privacy And Security

Of course, not $1,000 was saved, but $72, which is also not bad, given that if you make frequent flights, you may need this method more than once.

2. Changing your IP address to the server address of the country of a specific airline

Most likely, you have not heard of this method, but it is also a very working way to save money when buying a plane ticket.

In this example, I have chosen to use Brussels Airlines, which is based in Belgium. If you connect to a Belgian server using Nord VPN, you will see the following result:

And you will see this if you connect to a server in America:

The difference in this case was only $67, and it doesn't look like much on a single ticket, but if you do this research for all flights over the past year, you'll be surprised how much money you could save this way.

3. Clear search history

As previously mentioned, travel websites use cookies to set geographic prices. If you clear your cookies and browser history before searching and buying tickets, you will see a significant difference between a ticket on the same route.

4. Search prices for specific dates and flights using Google Flights

Google Flights is a special service that provides a number of features that will help you choose the best deals on the airfare market. You can choose the date of the flight, starting from the prices offered. Using Google Flights, you can track the dates of flights with the lowest cost at least every day and choose the most profitable option.

5. The right choice of day and date is the key to savings

Experienced travelers and frequent fliers have long noted that international flights operated from Monday to Thursday will cost 5% less. Also, the best option for booking is Tuesday at 15:00, and there is a completely logical explanation for this. Airline sales departments form weekly airfare prices on Mondays. Then they publish them on their sites, and from there this information diverges to other sites where you can pick up a flight. Competitors won't be able to see these prices until Tuesday morning, so final ticket prices aren't finalized until 3:00 pm ET.

Am I breaking the law if I use Nord VPN when booking a flight?

If you're worried about whether it's legal to use a VPN to book flights, then you can rest assured that you won't have any problems. It is true that airlines and travel agencies list different prices on their websites for residents of different regions, but thanks to a VPN, you can turn this policy to your advantage and get tickets at a good price.

Nord VPN has in its arsenal a huge number of servers around the world, so if you decide to use this service to choose the most profitable flight ticket, it will not be difficult at all - more than 60 countries around the world are available to choose from, so you will always find the best one for you. you option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can using a VPN to get cheaper flights affect the booking process, and are there any risks involved?
Using a VPN can potentially help find cheaper flights by accessing different regional pricing. However, it's important to be aware that some booking sites might have terms that discourage this practice, and there could be risks like transaction issues or booking cancellations.

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