How A Small Business Can Secure Customer Data?

How A Small Business Can Secure Customer Data?

For many SMBs, the leakage of important information can be catastrophic. For example, if the customer base falls into the hands of competitors or important technical documentation of the latest gadget floats to the Internet, this can seriously undermine the position of the business or even put an end to it. VPN technologies can be one of the ways of protection.

The main feature of VPN services is their complexity and the presence of a number of factors important for business:

1. Flexibility.

In today's world, business must quickly adapt to new realities. If a company buys a corporate VPN, it means only one thing - data protection not only in offices, but also for remote employees;

2. Different IP address.

If the VPN provider is good, then it has hundreds, and even thousands of servers around the world. The service will assign a temporary IP address to the company, which will prevent third parties from tracking corporate activity - correspondence, transactions, and much more.

3. Performance.

In addition to providing security, the VPN solution significantly increases the speed of the system: thanks to an extensive network of servers, data transfer is much faster.

4. Anonymity.

Theft of customer data is something that can destroy a business in an instant. VPN helps to hide client data - card details, insurance, addresses and passwords, as well as real location.

5. Cost savings.

Small and medium-sized businesses become victims of cybercrime an order of magnitude more often than large corporations. The pricing policy of VPN services is acceptable for companies of this size: there are a variety of tariff plans on the market designed for long-term use. In addition, VPN does not require training or courses for teams due to its simplicity.

How to choose the right VPN for business: what to look for

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right VPN for your business.

1. Logging (logging).

Some companies require VPN registrations to be done and systematically audited. Others want to avoid registration because it simplifies electronic discovery.

2. Central control.

Includes encryption key management just the way your company needs it.

3. Activity tracking.

This is about controlling your employees, namely, what websites they visit. Decide if you want to be notified when the team visits questionable resources or clicks on malicious links. In fact, it is similar to parental control, only with a more advanced notification and reporting system.

4. Tracking.

Unscrupulous VPN providers make money by selling your corporate information. By the way, this is often indicated by an unusually low price for services.

5. Support service.

Evaluate the quality of the provider's technical support, how quickly they respond and solve problems. Corporate services understand the price of an impeccable customer service, they spend effort and money to build it.

How to implement a VPN in your business?

There is also a small list of points that you should pay attention to in order to achieve the best result. What are these nuances?

1. Choose long-term packages.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Best of all - from one year. In general, a good service will offer you a bunch of options in both pricing plans and payment methods. Most often, an annual subscription is offered at a discount.

2. Install VPN on the router.

Do not install software on one working computer. Every device that works from a corporate router must be protected. Plus, it minimizes the possibility of your employees accidentally resetting settings. It is important to know that not all routers support VPN.

3. Approach the choice of a VPN provider with full responsibility.

If there are technologies that protect data, you need to clearly know how they work. Before deciding, study the market. In addition, talk to partners, colleagues, people from your community. Knowing the danger and risks in person, you will not allow hackers to sabotage your business.

Nord VPN is the perfect provider for small businesses

Leakage of personal data is getting into the public domain, for example, the publication of databases on the Internet. Attackers can put up such databases for sale in secure browsers or in private channels. There are a lot of reasons for personal data leaks, so you need to think about your security as much as possible.

It is Nord VPN for business that can guarantee you the security of your data online. Its algorithms work specifically for your complete privacy.

Nord VPN offers not only a secure Internet connection, but also some additional services. In addition, the company believes that if you are a business owner, then the first thing you should worry about is the security of your customers and your information.

Does your company really need a lot of customer information? Yes, you can ask for an email address and mobile phone number during registration, but you can refuse additional conveniences such as authorization or registration through social networks, because in this case it will be easier for attackers to obtain such information.

Another step is access control. The fewer people in your organization that work with customer data, the less risk there is of a leak. A leak can occur through the fault of an employee, but not in the literal sense - his passwords and logins can be compromised, and then your entire database will leak to cybercriminals.

You and your employees should only use secure passwords. It is recommended to have a single account policy and use password management software throughout the company.

When doing business, high-quality encryption of information and user data is very important. This is exactly what Nord VPN can provide, this result is achieved by establishing an encrypted connection that directs network traffic through a remote server.

Be careful with granting remote access to the network, because an employee with such access can access the network outside of working hours, thereby posing a potential security risk to the entire system. Therefore, it is better to use a reliable Nord VPN that acts as a single point of entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key strategies beyond VPNs that small businesses can implement to enhance customer data security?
Small businesses can enhance customer data security by using strong encryption for data storage, implementing two-factor authentication, regularly updating their software and systems, conducting employee training on data security, and having a robust cybersecurity policy in place.

Traffic encryption

Protect Your Privacy And Security

Anonymous Browsing

Protect Your Privacy And Security

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