Installing Android And iOS Apps Not Available In Your Country

Algorithm of steps for installing Android and iOS applications that are not available in your region: What should be done to ensure that you can use previously unavailable Android and iOS applications in your country?

How to install Android and iOS apps not available in your country

Smartphone owners install and actively use more than one application, as many of them make everyday life much easier and also help pass the time. Such programs talk about discounts or promotions in stores, movie release times, YouTube videos, and other events. Unfortunately, owners of mobile computers sometimes receive messages from the Google Play Store or iTunes that this product is not available in your country.

As a result, owners of the coolest smartphones cannot download and install a new application on their gadgets. The reason for such messages is the location of the user and the fact that the programs they have selected are not available in the territory of the country in which they are located.

If you are faced with a similar situation, then you should not panic ahead of time and look for a program that has the same or a similar list of features. The instructions below can help you download and install applications for mobile devices controlled by iPhone or Android systems. It is extremely simple and will allow you to cope with the task without resorting to the services of specialists and without spending money on paying for downloading the application.

Downloading an application not available in your country to iPhone

The most difficult application to download a banned app in your country is to download for iPhone from the Apple Store. The difficulty is associated with the process of determining the location of the phone by the operating system.

As a result, the iPhone owner will not only have to change the regional settings of the smartphone, but also make adjustments to Apple ID. But still, the situation is not hopeless and you can download the program you need if you follow the instructions below:

  1. Creating a new Apple ID. To download a program that is not available in your region, the iPhone owner needs to create a new Apple ID, for which you can use a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. When creating a new Apple ID, you do not need to add information about your own bank card in the new identifier, and also select the region in which the application you need can be downloaded.
  2. Change the location of your smartphone. To change the location of your gadget, you need to change the iPhone settings. To do this, go to the main menu and open Settings. Then open the submenus General, Language and region and Region in sequence. In the last submenu, change the country you are in.
  3. Enter your new Apple ID. To do this, you need to open the ID option, which will be at the top. Clicking on the iTunes and App Store option will show you the previously used Apple ID. By clicking on it, you will be able to exit, which is necessary to download the application. Go back to Apple ID and enter the data you specified earlier when performing steps. 1 and 2.
  4. Program installation. After changing the settings for the location of your smartphone and logging in with a new identification number, open the App Store and search for the application you need using a search robot.

Downloading an application not available in your country on Android

Owners of gadgets running the Android operating system will be able to download applications, e-books and other files they need from the Google Play Store if they follow the instructions below:

  1. Install VPN software. Before being able to download applications that are not available in your region, the owner of an Android gadget will have to install a VPN. This program will spoof the geographic location of the smartphone, which will mislead the Google Play Store robot. You can choose any Android VPN app available on the Internet. The only condition is that the user has the ability to manually determine his geographic location. You can find out about this possibility from the description of the program.
  2. Selecting a state via VPN. Launch the downloaded VPN program and select the country where you are located. We recommend choosing the United States, since the largest number of interesting and useful programs are intended for download in this particular country. After choosing a country, activate the service
  3. Clear cache and data. To clean the harmful files, you will have to go to the Settings menu. By opening the Applications submenu and choosing Google Play Store, you will be able to erase unnecessary files. After clearing the memory, return to the information page of the program and stop its work.
  4. Get a link to the application you need. To do this, enter the name of the program you need in the Google search box and go to the Play Store to download it. Do not try to enter the name of the required application directly into the search bar of the virtual store, as this attempt will not bring a positive result.
  5. Install the program. Clicking on the link of your choice will automatically take you to the Google Play Store. Having found the Install button, click on it.
  6. If you did everything correctly, the Google search engine robot will ask the user to set up an account in the company's virtual store. Click the Skip button, otherwise, you will have to do the above steps again.

In conclusion: best way to install an app not available in your country

Using one of the above algorithms of actions, you will be able to install applications that were previously unavailable in your region from Google Play Store or App Store virtual stores.

The easiest way probably being simply installing one of the  Best VPN ‌  available for your phone and change your country to download the app.

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